Saturday, September 17, 2011

Goodbye Khuntoria T~T

I know this isn't one of my usual blog posts but I just want to say, I already miss Khuntoria. Just finished watching the 64th episode of Khuntoria. I can't believe they have been together for 1 year and 3 months (465 days). I still remember watching the first ever Khuntoria episode and now it all came into an unexpected end. I still can't grasp the fact that Khuntoria's last We Got Married episode all came into a end today on June 17th. Not going to lie I cried like a baby. You might think, well that's stupid, why would you cry over this. WELL...I love them. I know it's a fake marriage but you really grow attach to them and watching them cry makes me emotional. I'll always be a fan of Victoria Song of f(x) and Nichkhun of 2pm. I'll always remember them as Khuntoria. Thank-you for making my Saturday mornings happy. Take care Nichkhun and Victoria and I hope to see you guys together soon! T~T 

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