Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: Epi Magic Facial Hair Remover

Hi Everyone!

I'm here to do my first ever review! (yayyyy!!!) This is a bit nerve racking but here I go...

Today, I am going to be reviewing the Epi Magic Facial Hair Remover.


I purchased mine from Pretty&Cute ( www.prettyandcute.com ) for $11.06 plus shipping. Originally, if P&C didn't hold a back to school sale which was 15% off your purchase, it would have costed me $12.55 to get it shipped from Oregon to NorCal. Pretty good saving I must say. Wished I could have purchased more during the sale.

I know some of you may say that I could've purchased it for a cheaper price on ebay but since I'm a girl who is very sceptical about purchasing things online, I rather turn to a site I am most familiar with. Also, I'm a concealed cash payer so I have to send in money and most sites doesn't allow that. But because of P&C's many paying methods, I can finally get my hands on one of these bad boys right here. 

To Use:

You may ask, does it hurt? Well coming from a girl who has a VERY LOW pain tolerance, it was not bad at all. It did not hurt as much as waxing, and it is faster than tweezing. I only recommend you to use this on your upper lip, chin and cheek area. It does not work on plucking the hairs off your brows and I don't recommend that as well.

Overall, I love this product! So worth it! Results will last you 1-2 weeks, but it really depends on the growth rate of your facial hair. Everyone is different. It's pulling the hair out from the roots which is a lot easier on your skin then waxing since waxing is removing the hair and a thin layer of your skin. I suggest this method over waxing anyday! I will never go back to tweezing my upper lip anymore!!! 

removes all facial hair especially my upper lip!

It's a bit awkward trying to turn the handle thingy

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to comment below! =) thankyou~


  1. did it get rid of all the hairs? or just the long ones? i'm looking into getting it for my upper lip but not sure if its right for me

  2. It got rid of the stubs and long hair. It mainly removed the longer hairs but the stubs were removed as well. To remove the short stubby hairs, I had to place my face over steam and pout my mouth. It makes removing the stubs a lot easier.